March 25-26, 2023

USF Engineering II

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Anything is possibull

For Hackabull’s fifth year, we’re bringing the same energy that we did in the past years: if you can think of it, you can make it.

Work in a team of up to four for 24 hours to make your concept come to life, and then demo your project to judges. The judges decide which teams will win a variety of prizes!

There will be tons of food, free swag, and syntax errors - we hope to see you there.



🤔 What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is an event where students can collaborate, learn, and share their creations. Hackers with different levels of experience hack up a concept in 24 hours to demo to judges.

📋 How do I register?
Click the registration button, fill out the form, and we’ll get you ready to code.

📍 Where is it?
Hackabull will take place at the Engineering II building.

😪 Do I need to know how to code?
Not at all - all majors and experience levels are welcomed and encouraged. We have workshops, mentors, and more at your disposal if you get stuck.

🤝 Do I need to have a team?
Although you can work in up to a team of four, you do not have to have a team. Also, we will have team matching activities if you would like a team.

🤑 Is it free?
Yes! Meals, t-shirts, swag, and more - all free.

🎒 What should I bring?
Bring your student ID, laptop, chargers, and any hardware you want to use. We recommend sleeping bags, pillows, and hygiene items to keep yourself comfortable.

Have a question that we didn't mention here?
Send us an email at info@hackabull.io or message us on Facebook!



Shashank Singh
Hackathon Co-Director

Suraj Kumar
Hackathon Co-Director

Amr Almaghrabi
Head of Logistics

Sumit Jadhav
Head of Logistics

Zaber Raiyan
Head of Design

Hung Tran
Head of Communications

Devansh Pavdighada
Head of Marketing

Audrey Blevins
Head of Sponsors

Gunjan Bhagtani
Head of Finance

Shokhrukh Ibragimov
Head of Technology

Matthew Sharp
Head of Technology

Brandon Del Rio
Head of Hacker Experience